Lags and Linsey largeA Waverly farm boy native, David “Lags” Lageschulte, was a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. When a classmate of his from Waverly started the first Hooters in South Florida, Lags became an early investor. Lags was a venture capitalist who would see potential in someone’s idea and partnered with a lot of rising business entrepreneurs and help them get started. “He was always doing something of entrepreneurial nature; that was in his blood,” said Fran Mueller, longtime friend of the Lageschulte family and Self-Help International board member.

Lags’ involvement with Self-Help started when Fran was visiting Ft. Meyer, FL, where Lags resided, for a work-related seminar. Lags and Fran met up for dinner, and, knowing of Fran’s active involvement with Self-Help, Lags asked about the organization’s work to alleviate hunger. When he learned about Self-Help’s focus on empowerment and sustainability, Lags was eager to get more involved. Lags’ passion for entrepreneurial endeavors and helping others had come together in Self-Help International.

Lags joined Self-Help International’s Board of Directors and while brainstorming items for Self-Help’s upcoming auction with Kristi Quarles, they landed on the idea to create a package that included a trip to Florida and golfing with Hooters girls. Ted Waitman was one of the four men who won the package. They had such a great time in Florida, that they decided to bring the Hooters golf tournament to Waverly. Ted took on organizing the golf tournament, and Give a Hoot for Self-Help Weekend was born.

Lags passed away in March 2014 after a hard fought battle with cancer. The Give a Hoot for Self-Help Weekend lives on in memory of Lags and his dedication to his hometown, alleviating hunger, and giving back.